A Wonderful Story Behind Hip, Eco-Friendly Tableware

Suzanne Corrin, co-founder Green Planet Parties discovered an amazing new product in the exciting world of Eco-friendly tableware. A new line of plates and bowls made from the abundant palm leaf tree is the latest trend and the story behind the ‘chain of custody’ from this product is also very special. Thank you Suzanne for the article. Take a peek at this picture and read on…

Let’s face it – no one loves the idea of buying, using and disposing of paper plates and plastic cutlery etc., but when it’s your turn to host the family BBQ or when you’ve volunteered to pick up supplies for an event at your school – it really becomes a necessity. The good news is there’s a growing supply of more environmentally friendly choices for disposable tableware that are not made from virgin fibre paper, plastic or the hardest to decompose… Styrofoam! Some great new options out there include bagasse (sugarcane) and PLA (plant based) and reed pulp ~ all very good choices for those such occasions where disposable tableware is needed.

Something new that you might want to consider is “Earthens” tableware. This is the most obviously green and natural-looking tableware you’ve ever seen ~ they are a real conversation starter because they are so naturally beautiful looking. These plates and bowls have a wonderful ‘chain of custody’ story too – that is, from how they are grown, who manufactures them, who benefits from their sale and how then can be returned to the earth as soil. Earthens are made and sold in rural India where villagers are use the dried leaf sheath of the Areca palm tree to make this incredibly durable, extremely heat tolerant and wonderfully ‘green’ looking dinnerware. The leaves from the Areca Palm tree are found abundantly in nature as they naturally dry and fall to the ground, which means no trees or other crops are harvested to produced these plates – they are made from nature’s leftovers. Once collected and thoroughly cleaned, the pliable leaf sheath is moulded at a temperature of a 100°C where it becomes the shape of an Earthen plate or bowl. This process known as “thermoforming” also serves to sterilize the leaf. No pesticides are used to grow the Areca palm trees, making them organic in nature, and no colour, wax, or dye is added during manufacturing. Earthens come in various shades of cream and brown, beautifully designed by Mother Nature herself. Green Planet Partiesloves these palates and bowls for so many reasons:

  • farming families in India are earning their own living from these products
  • these plates and bowls are the strongest and most heat tolerant ‘disposable plates / bowls’ we’ve ever seen – If you are serving something heavy, or quite hot, do doubt you’ll find another disposable product that would come close to this performance.
  • using an Earthen plate provides a very noticeably different ‘customer experience’ that can’t be missed ~ people will know these are natural productthe life cycle of these plates can’t be beat, designed by mother nature and returned to mother nature after use when you compost them or let them naturally biodegrade
  • 100% biodegradable and compostable. Once composted or decomposed, this material provides essential nutrients to the soil.


If you’re on the hook for hosting a party or event where using and washing your own everyday dishes is not a reasonable option, consider Earthenware palm leaf plates, or sugarcane bagasse ~ simple ways to make choices that are so much easier on the environment than traditional disposable products. You can visit www.greenplanetparties.com for ‘greener’ tableware and party supplies where we are proud to offer the new Earthens products.

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