Green Benefits

EarthenEco Friendly Dinnerware are one such cradle-to-cradle product with numerous valuable
environmental benefits.

  • Fallen leaves prove to be a naturally Renewable Raw material. No trees are cut or harmed in the making of this dinnerware.
  • This dinnerware is naturally biodegradable just like any other leaf fallen from a tree.
  • The dinnerware is 100% natural and chemical-free. No glue, dye, or polish used. Sterilized by heat and water.
  • Can be disposed in compost along with kitchen/yard waste. Produces rich compost and when further used, returns nutrients to the soil. Approved by Victoria Compost Education Centre.
  • All our packaging is Oxo-biodegradable making this a zero-waste product.
  • Encourages community and backyard composting and increases environmental awareness among communities. For Vancouver community and Compost pick up
    check out Growing City.